Creative Projects and Virtual Assistance

We’ve assisted many creative professionals in managing business tasks from the simple to the complex.  When your time and attention need to be focused on creating your art rather than all of your administrative tasks, another creative problem-solver and task-master can help you manage your endeavors.

projectmanagementWhether you are an independent artist, musician, writer, coach, or a small non-profit organization, we’ve assisted our more creative clients with various tasks, including the following:

  • Working with CD/DVD duplication vendors.
  • Working with online physical and digital music distributors.
  • Writing marketing plans for music and books.
  • Researching and working with music distributors.
  • Assisting with social media efforts.
  • Assisting with self-publishing of your book or CD.
  • Conducting Internet research.
  • Setting up, scheduling, and recording of group conference call coursework, and selling these recordings on your website.
  • Writing and editing agreement forms, contracts, and reports.
  • Creating your non-profit’s annual report and sending out tax-deductible letters of appreciation to your donors.
  • Creating concert posters.
  • Maintaining your online Press Kit.
  • Setting up and recording your podcast, and posting it to your website and iTunes.
  • Creating and sending your regular e-newsletter to your fans, clients, or followers.

Virtual Assistance and Project Management can be done via prepaid blocks of time or negotiated monthly rates.

If there is something you would like handled that is not on this list, just ask!